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This can be such a painful, scarey time and if we act quickly, what we do now, could make all the difference.

I will tune into your pet and get as many details as I can. Encourage them to find a safe place. if a cat then ask to meow, if a dog then to find a house if possible and bark for attention. I can show them how to cross a road safely. To wait for total silence (no cars) then cross quickly.

As well as working with me there are many practicle things you can do to find your pet...


The Animal Empath In YOU



We've all got this so why not you too? These groups just affirm your gifts and give you permission to explore this part of your heart and soul and brain power.

I give you scientific proof to aswage the critic in you, but most of all give you the tools that I use to help me become a better more eveovled reader. I evovlve doing this every day so it's jsut a matter of knowing what you are doing and doing it consistantly really.

Our groups in themselves will be a support and I will set up a blog so we can report our progress long after the workshops have finished.

You might be an animal empathy if...

- around animals you enter a different world
- you sometimes wish you knew what went on in there
- you’re a compassionate empathic person


She Talks To Animals

Katharine Turner Mays

Origionally from Britain now living in Austin Texas



What actually IS Animal Telepathy?

I relay messages to animals, animals relay messages to me. This has taken years of practice. My feelings take on theirs, I get into their skin and translate. Animals show me visually what is going on for them, like a film or a photograph.

I believe that deep within us all lies the ability to know ourselves and others on an energetic level.

Quantum Physics Factoids

So How Do Animal Readings Work

The body has an intelligence that can create babies, heal itself, and make itself over. It has an intelligence that speaks, if you know how to listen. It is Divine. It surpasses the mind. The mind cannot understand or hear it.

Letting go of mind and going deeper gives us the ears to hear. I was able to hear intuitively as a child. However, as I grew up, it left me. I covered it with layers of busyness, fear, and attachment.

Telepathic Tribe In Australia

Links I Love

Over the last twenty years, I continue to let go of my attachment to fear, allowing me to hear the Divine Intelligence in the form of animals, humans, and plants.

Mr Love - after reading: started pooping IN his litter

Mr. Love was pooping outside of his litter tray, and his owner was not enjoying this form of communication. He stopped after the first reading but told me he'll be doing it again in a couple of weeks and sure enough he did . . . so my second reading brought up more needs to be met, and we worked through a lot. Needless to say, he is so amazing that he poops IN his litter to this day. Then a little later Mr. Love got out of a window accidentally left open and was lost. After a few frantic days for quite a few humans, thankfully, he was found.


Hannah -

psychic pictures



This dog is so intelligent and clear-minded that when I got my first clear psychic pictures from her, she showed me a round purple bed (It is actually dark blue) and a red orange cloth. It turns out that it was her favorite blanket and her bed! She also showed me a round light. It turned out that this was the light her human turns on everyday for her before they leave for work. Hannah was very proud she had her own light switched on for her daily. She loves that she feels special.

Then she showed me her wretched life before her current parents. She was able to get me to taste a memory of hers - I got a horrid taste of moldy liver in my mouth. That turned out to be the food she had been given. She told me that she wouldn’t be given any more food until she had eaten the moldy liver. She was so very brave to run away and find her new family! Cleaver girl.

"You described her character perfectly."


Casey - reading in spirit after she passed away

Now deceased. This is the first dog that showed me what she looked like before she became spirit again.
I felt very sleepy, yet clear when I checked in so relaxed and gentle. She had no problem with how she died, but her owner was concerned about how it all happened and wanted to check in with Casey. I felt Casey show me that as she left this world, she reached out to her humans' heart and left with palpable love in her new form from Jennie her human.

"It was spot on because you described what she looked like from a distance, then as you got closer in you described her coat colors just as they look when you get closer to her, lighter and more golden. You said her coat on her belly was like rabbit fur, very soft and it was, she had the softest fur and softest belly.

You said you saw her sitting with pointed ears, she had pointed ears.

I felt a whole lot of guilt for a long time, I felt we didn't give her what she needed. It was a reliefe to know none of that was an issue for her. Itgave me a really good sense of closure." Jennie (Human)


Beaux - he didn't know he'd died

Beaux was our horse for many years, he came to live with us, first as a livery, then I bourght him for my husband and I. We weren’t really riding him and I didn’t want to half lease him anymore so I sold him to a lovely lady who kept him in a beautiful place. She had what he needed—love, five acres, and a donkey for a pasture mate. Every now and then, I checked in with her, and occasionally, she would send happy photographs of him. Months later, I sat down to do a reading with him. He was in a dreadful, confused state. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but I sensed things: He wasn’t being ridden. Had he done something wrong? He missed his new owner. I emailed her immediately just to ask how things were going, and she was very sad to say he had passed on.


Tess - started to use her damaged leg again


My name is Holly Sullins, and I would like to praise Katharine on her ability to help me understand my Papillin, Tess. Suddenly one day, we found her lying in the yard with some type of neck trauma.


Wild Pigeon

I so wanted to be able to entice a wild bird to come and fly on my finger, I am yet to manage this. However, the morning I was really wondering about this I walked out my fornt door and there was this calm, loving pigeon. I asked if I could lay down beside her, then I asked if I went inside could I take pictures of us. She gave me a defnate yes so I did and then spent about half an hour lieing down next to her,, after taking some photos. It was a privalidged to be allowed so close a gentle time. Then just as I felt it may be time to go, she got up and flew away. I enjoyed our hang out, it was lovely and filled with grace.
















Debula - time of need



My mother is a conservationist at Mabula Game Reserve
in South Africa. One day she called to inform me that Debula, their matriarch elephant, had been pierced through the eye by a rival female with her tusk and that she was in a bad way. Debula needed to sleep and drink. Wild elephants will not sleep away form their herd, and she had to drink from the buckets, so I tuned in...


Monte - stopping spraying


Well, his human Linda, a self confessed skeptic, called me at her last wit’s end. Both her male cats where spraying in her house, and it was not pleasant. Although a skeptic, she had 'spoken' to them and they had stopped for a time, then it started again. When I tuned in before the call, Monty had been the only one to respond. He told me it was the other cat, Toby. When I sat down with Linda, I realized Monty was a very cleaver cat and very angry with Toby. Although Monty was the main sprayer, he was trying to pin it on Toby as well! What a character...needless to say, after much empathy and firm boundary-setting, they stopped spraying, so they get to remain in the house. Up date...


Bronte - stopping bucking


I got the feeling she loves to be ridden and prides herself on being a good working horse for her mistress. As soon as I tuned in, I felt that she was a solid earthy horse. However, when the subject came up that her human had flown off a week earlier and wanted these little joyful bucks to stop, she didn't understand. She was annoyed that Linda had flown off (not much pity there). However, once I showed her a picture of a shying horse on a cross-country course and said that is not how a good working horse behaves, she understood-- oh and bucks of joy are out, too. Amazingly, after that part of the reading, I felt an aching in my back and told Linda that I was feeling menstruating-like aches. Linda said, “Oh, my goodness. Bronte was in heat at the time!' So I asked...


Miami- found


A close friend recommended Katharine to me many years ago. Over the years she has become a big part of my fur family, 2 cats, 2 dogs. and has provided her priceless gift of insight and awareness that helps me create greater well-being and a more loving environment for my animals.


Toby - stopped spraying


Toby wanted little to do with the spraying reading he got it very quickly and stoppd spraying he would not be bought into the drama or insecurity of his companion cat.


Ruby - a painful goodbye now to re-connect after many years


Rubys owner had to leave her marriage and decided, as she had no idea where she would end up, that it would be better for Ruby to stay with her soon to be ex-husband, even though it broke her heart as she was/is an extremely loving doggie mama.

I did this reading years lafter her co-owner had had to leave and as soon as I tuned into Ruby, she eagerly 'said' that Jennie did the right thing, saying, "I was so proud of you to do right by yourself and he needed me. I am here in my life to love him and keep him happy. I loved you and you made my puppyhood so loving and gave me a really good start." She wanted to know if Jennie was happy and J said very much so, and if she had another dog and it pained J to say she did and Ruby was just so pleased for her. It was an amazing reading. I felt so much love for this incredibly wise soul Ruby, so understanding and forgiving, wow! Blown away again.

"It was really amazing. It was an amazing experience. When you where able to contact Ruby that was a huge for me - that was guilt I'd been living with probably a little bit too long." Rubys human mama when a puppy


Diamond - general healing

He like many quarter horses who were raced and then worked all their lives has survived rough treatment. They are so incredibly resilient, but his last indignity was being left to get thinner and thinner until finally rescued by an amazing woman...


LaLa - a loving presence


I was given an image of a golden lab long before I saw her. So I just set about finding whom I saw. After three months, one night I read an advertisement on Craigslist with no picture, but sixth-sense told me this was her. When we met, I knew! She taught me so much about service and love. I was going through a huge transformation, and there she was with me every step of the way her happy smile filling me with joy...


A cat family of five not integrating with the new memeber (Socks) until our reading of all five and alot was worked out...



I felt aches in my back and a headache. The headache was that Smudgie was in two minds about something. I felt very thirsty (He does drink a lot and her owner Kate was already checking this out with a vet). He wanted to know if it was OK with Kate to wind his body down (This is what the headache was about). He was in constant low-level pain. I asked him if he wanted white light from me. He showed me red light, which to him was heat. Kate said she was thinking of taking him to an acupuncturist who uses heat. He liked that. Kate, his human, said she was fine with him winding down his body, and my empathic headache was lifted. But the backaches were not, and I realized he was being very stoic about his aches and pains. Turns out he'd had something happen in the past and he had a limp. .



Well when I tuned into him, I felt the empathic pains from Smudgie start to leave and an intense energetic healing occur. I realized he was cleansing me energetically, and I was amazed--the first time I have had this from an animal. The others where amazed also. I got the feeling he did his own thing, which Kate confirmed, he did, they, his cat family just saw him as a loner and here he was being a healer. I asked if he could heal Smudgie (as he offered to do that to Kate and me when we wanted). He said he'd only do the healing on Smudgie if he was asked and it was appreciated. Once he had been asked and once the others had acknowledged his value, confirming that they had left him out of their lives and had no idea he was so good at something this complex, Skeetzix went ahead and did his healing work with Smudgie- he was then too busy to commune with me after that.



The new guy - was asking should he stay or should he go? He's the street-wise guy loving his new home, but he had pushed his way into Kate’s life by staying on the porch until she eventually let him in. But the other cats don't like the pushiness - hence the problems. He is resolved to allowing himself to become vulnerable at times, and he eventually sincerely apologized for being a little arrogant. Showing his vulnerability was very moving. I am awaiting to see how he now integrates himself with the others. He is going to have to continue working on breaking the habit of a lifetime. But he has shown that he is willing to become vulnerable and stop the pushiness.



The sensitive one, she asked for 3 minutes of quality time from her human mom, Kate. She could get needy.... because she felt much more secure knowing she'll have this everyday and less needy, especially toward Emma who can't take the neediness for longer then two minutes and will scuffle with her to stop, which then made her more insecure.




I immediately felt Emma was the mature one in this family of cats and did not buy into all this fuss about the new boy, Socks. She felt he did need to behave himself and be put in his place by behaving himself properly. She was jolly and funny yet strong and well boundried. She said she did like Muse but she did not like the neediness and would not be manipulated into being mama. Kate said they have their spats. Muse was embarrassed and then understood. So I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship becomes easier.

Couple of days later:

"Hi Kate. The integration has begun. Socks has been a champ, really. He has not been in his super-aggressive mode and will stop himself if asked by me. The others are still a bit hesitant. Smudgie is wonderful except that today I think Socks wanted to join him in his bed, which was not acceptable to Mr. Smudge. _Definite progress! Thanks again. It was really nice to tune into the cat family with your assistance. Muse is enjoying her special time in my arms and is ready to get down after 3 minutes. :o)"

Human mama of cat family, Kate.

April 2010




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