"COMPASSION IS THE AWARENESS of a deep bond between yourself and all creatures." Eckhart Tolle


Beaux - moving on


...on. I immediately got in touch with him the day I read this, realizing he didn't know where he was, and although I had never done this before, I prayed and just told him with all the compassion and empathy I had what an incredible life of horsy fun he had given so many people and he'd done a very good job. He felt distress about his current new owner he didn’t want what happened to upset her and it obviously had (because he’d passed on, unknown to him). I told him she had written an email to me and said her time with Beaux was short but they had loved having him. I felt an empathic huge relief from Beaux about her being happy having been with him. Then I told him to let go and he was released. I felt an expansiveness--and off he went. I no longer felt his presence he was gone. Wow! It was an amazing experience.


Freedom - a great teacher

This horse teaches me so much about trust and forgiveness. I am lucky enough to be his human. A sensitive soul and so scarred when I first met him. I was at a Horse Whispering workshop. He was used as the example of an abused horse. A loud voice in my head said this is your next horse (This happened with my last horse at 11years and then with my husband but that is another story!) I was confused because this horse seemed unrideable. And he was thin and terrified. I told the teacher I was an animal empathy and she allowed me to try some of my healing work on him, and he improved so much that I thought if I didn’t buy him soon, I wouldn’t be able to afford him.

I was intuitively guided to do a healing with Freedom, and he, for possibly the first time ever, let someone touch his ears. His current owner said it was incredible. No one had done this.
I 'saw' a person screaming at him and being bad tempered over and over. I saw his head being hit, hence his trauma around his head.

When I was done, his current owner had come to stand near us. Her cell phone went off. It was his previous owner calling out of the blue, seconds after I had finished, to wish him well and see how he was doing.

He has been a partner with me for nine years. He was always a working horse before. He didn't know what a cuddle was or a carrot and was deeply traumatized. Now, he is my pet, my spiritual teacher and an excellent horse for my students to learn to ride consciously on.

His ability to forgive like so many animals who have been abused touches me and those who work with him. He teaches me forgiveness, patience, and love. His pain and fear was so huge that I was pushed into alternative riding techniques and learn horsemanship and new healing techniques, so my love for this horse led me here to heal and read for other animals. I feel so privileged to be entrusted with him.



The day she died I set off for work, and there she was, as usual, sitting behind my car to say adios. As I walked round to get into my car, I told her that she was coming with us to the UK if we moved. I spoke to her because I wasn't back into telepathic communication by then. Something told me to get out and give her a kiss. I almost didn't, but thankfully followed my intuition as I have trained myself to do. I went up to her and kissed her large Labrador head, marveled at her beauty. I smelt her yummy smell, and we just had a deep, wonderful moment. I remember her looking up at me. She looked concerned for me and unlike her normal laid-back, joyful way. I realize now on some level she knew she was going and she was scarred for my ability to cope with her leaving as I was on the verge of losing it with illness and exhaustion.

I laughingly said, “It will be fine darling,” wondering at her concern. I got in the car and stopped to look at our house and her in the drive and my family inside. I rolled down my window and waved a happy bye, bye to her, and my heart was at its peak of joy. I can smell her now. I can see her now as she was then and I can still feel the joy she gave me.

I loved her helping me out, the way she really loved me. My son was now sleeping in his own bed every night I would lie by him while he tried to sleep, sometimes waiting an hour. It was not easy some nights. So she came in one night and slept right by him and took over. She did this EVERY night after that so I could get on and finish my day. My son was happy because he just wanted a warm loving body near him. The night LaLa died she went out with a horse and rider as she usually did with my horse and I, they got lost and had to get onto the road to find their way back home. She followed, and after a couple of miles, she ran across the road, chasing something, and a speeding truck hit her, knocking her 20 feet or so into the air. She was dead when she hit the ground with not a mark on her. The killers drove away. The degradation of that pains me even though I know it's all too common. She's not ‘the way she died’ she is ‘the way she lived’.

They guys at the ranch next door bought her home. They and my husband spent half the night burying her just outside our house. They covered her grave with large limestone rocks. It was so kind of them. I was beside myself when my husband told me, the pain I endured was almost unbearable. I was already in very bad emotional and physical shape at the time and felt with my family and animal obligations, couldn't get away for the rest and healing that I needed. Her death sent me over the edge and poignantly forced me to get the help I needed. I hate to think that she died to free me and for her death to be the thing that got me help. I wish I'd got the message before this incurable act of love. I felt her say afterwards "You can be as happy as I always was." and I remember thinking Could I ever be that happy? Well I am now. I have gotten better and have totally changed my life around. I'm me first, then a partner and a mother and of service to those who need me. With the balance I needed, joy is back in my life, coming from the desire to know God, peace, and love again.

The thing that helped me the most in my shock and grief of her passing was hearing myself say aloud, “I know I can't handle this. I really need help. I was drawn to some cards I had purchased that contained the writings of a spiritual teacher. I pulled one, and it talked about losing someone and how to avoid the lingering pain of grief by facing it head on and instead of thinking: if only I had...what if… (which I was beginning to crucify myself with thoughts of) But to simple say "She is Dead.” I know this sounds brutal but to just deal with the reality instead of torturing myself with the hope that it wasn't true, I was led to a deep acceptance of the fact that she is now dead. It alleviated what might have made me go crazy temporarily . I just had pain, not longing. I had acceptance and a feeling of love. As a result, I could feel her near me, and my gift for communication suddenly became something I really was open to again. So she is dead and I accept it and still feel love pouring from her into my life and vice versa. That has not changed. How great is that!







Testimonials and More Animal Stories

Debula - the wild matriach



In Ann Turner’s words, S. Africa Conservationist for the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project:

"Oh dear Jock had to shoot the matriarch elephant this
afternoon. That is very sad. She had been attacked by
the herd, we think, probably the next oldest female, who
battled in the old day for matriarch and lost when Debula
had the first calf. She was tusked through her eye and
ear two weeks ago but yesterday she suddenly looked
better and the vet was going to come to cut away the ear
and dead skin but the damage was so huge she was never
going to recover. Poor Jock. We sat on the side of the
road where she had been darted in the bush for hours.
Dear me but it was hard.

There was a strange happening...I told Kate about this
and she did several readings as she can help animals do
all sorts of strange things from a distance and this was
when Dabula got better and stronger because she had slept
all night...elephants cannot sleep on their own as they
are used to leaving one of them awake. In the middle of
that night Jock woke feeling uplifted and at peace as he
never had before, and sure Kate was helping her to sleep.
Don’t understand but believe, but as Kate said she could
not stop her from dying but she could ease the way." Ann

I have to say this was one of those readings I felt even more privileged then normal to do. This beautiful spirit was so confused and dismayed. She had lost her herd and her daughter, and was in shocke, how everything can change so quickly. Her wound was major, her eye gone, which was disorienting, but she was so accepting of the throbbing pain. Her heart was breaking, and that was what I worked on mostly with her, her confusion.

Once she could listen she stuck by me, in spirit, all night as I slept fitfully reminding her to drink, from what was provided, that it was safe for her to sleep and eat. I imagined ‘pictures’ of her drinking and eating feeling calm and safe and sent them to her. I woke up at one point and like a mother with her new born, poured love into her heart, and at one point, an amazing thing happened. I woke up to a very strong scent. It was her, this beautiful wild elephant. It was so powerful. I was able to smell her. It was incredible to me, amazing enough to be so connected to her, but to smell her psychically had never happened to me before. I have since looked smelling things psychicly and found other reports of this, it was amazing and wonderful.

She is fine now. I do feel that although she is in the light, there’s a lingering sadness of how it ended for her, still leaves me with questions for her. With Jock’s permission, I would, someday like to ask the herd about it. I have been asked to look into two young bulls who need to leave humans stuff alone and get out of that habit.


Latka - Miamis doggy buddy until we get a good picture of Miami (she's camera shy)


I'd like to share with you a very unusual story that shows how Katharine provided her invaluable help to me, and how she can do the same for you. One day, my youngest Tortie, a kitty named Miami, disappeared. Although she was told in no uncertain terms to stay within the boundaries of our fenced yard?you know how they are. On this particular day, she did not come back for her supper. I was very concerned. She never missed a meal and we lived next to a busy street, her coat is dark, and she is quite petite. I called Katharine that night.
First thing, Katharine assured me Miami was alive. She also said Miami was scared, and in the hiding mode. This makes finding a cat much more challenging. Knowing time is the key factor in missing animal recovery, Katharine suggested I dive right into action and immediately put up posters with a picture, salient details, and contact information. That night I e-mailed Katherine a link to a Google Earth map of our home. When we spoke, she was able to paint a more accurate picture on possible hiding places. Over the next few days, with Katharine’s constant guidance, I found Miami and am happy to report she is safely back home, and never strayed again." Richard



We were so excited to hear about the joys in her life and how happy she is with her great humans. She is quite the regal dog and she is treated as such. Hannah is relieved that she is finally living the way she believes she should be living!! She is not arrogant at all just very, very posh!


Jennies dog who passed on (awaiting photo)

Jennie had questions for him, and he had so much love and kindness for her. He didn't want her to fret. All is very well in his life. Jennie was relieved, and tears were flowing down her face, when she asked me what does he look like? I asked and there I saw a dog sitting clear as day suspended. I saw black patches on his fur. There where some other colors on it also, and the tummy was like rabbit fur-sooo soft. When I described his fur she exclaimed: “Yes this was him!!” He was able to show me exactly what he looked like...so amazing. I saw pointed ears and I said a mix of a German Shepherd and Lab. She said German Shepherd and Chow...and I said the Lab bit because he felt so Lab like in temperament and she agreed he was lab like in temperament. It was a BEAUTIFUL reading for me to be able to do, so moving and loving for them. Jennie was anxious about how he died at the vet and he was fine about it, he completely understood and I felt was comforting her about it. After the reading Jennie said she felt resolution.

Bronte - stopping bucking


I connected with her later, and she was not happy. She is a complex horse and like us, has different parts of her personality that make up the whole. The teenage part of her really wasn't too happy about not being able to buck, so we chatted, and Bronte said she had it handled and just needed time for the teenage part to pout. We are still working through everything. She is growing up and letting go of behaviors she didn’t realize where going to have to go so quickly. Although her grown up part gets it, her younger parts needed help and time. Again, I felt privileged that she so honestly let me in to chat and help! I am still awaiting a report as to how she is doing we’ll know after a few hunter jumper shows or cross country rounds.

Monte - stopped spraying for a few weeks after reading


(cont.)..spraying as Montie was doing to show dominance to the other male cat is natural. However, I needed to persuade him not to do it at home because they [*who is this?] were not loving it. I empathized with him and was kind. He was feeling insecure, and I said: “yes in a status situation, it is counter intuitive not to spray but your human will not live with it and she has final status say in this so I would stop sparying in her house, she wants you to stop.” He kind of got it then, cut it down to one or two sprays. So, at that point, I communicated to him that I would recommend he be put out and he could spray all he wanted there. Not Toby the cat he was trying to dominate because Toby was not spraying. This shocked Montie, but he really wasn't 100% willing and luckily for him he was able to weigh one situation up against the other and choose a warm home with his beloved humans. I am still connecting with him to remind him to stay stopped, because this is a very hard habit to break...when an animal is 'pissed' off they will start to urinate and sometimes defocate female and male but most animals are so loving and forgiving once talked with and empathized with will usually let it go and comply, thankfully

"Hi Kate. I think Monte is getting the whole picture! I don’t believe there has been anymore spraying in the house.

Thanks so much for your help! " Monties' Human mama

Sadly, he started up again trying to show dominance to another cat. When I told him I personally, would have him live outside for a while, he stopped. Then he started again. I recommended he needs to not be in the house. After a bit, he can be integrated back in. If he does it again, he should go out. A combination of physical consequences, done with love and clear communication as to why, there's no reason why spraying shouldn't stop altogether. However, they find habits as hard to break as we do sometimes.

Mr.Love ....Found!

When he got lost, I asked him to get himself somewhere safe and meow consistently. He was found meowing loudly, quite close by, thankfully. All the posters that where stuck near to his finding place helped get him home.

Tip: When asking your animal to come home, a journey that requires them to cross a number of roads, instruct him to listen and then you imagine them listening, imagine them hearing silence on a road, and then see them crossing. This silence means there are no cars coming so that they can get back safely.

"Thank you so much for all your work on mr love - when I told the lady at ...magazine that you had told him to meow - neighbour confirms he heard him before seeing him so he did do just that - she wanted to send the photographer round to you straight away..." Mr Loves' human mama

Diamond - healing


Mary is spending time and money bringing him back to life and what is so touching is that when I tuned into him he was so excited to be working towards being her husbands riding horse. He's a lovely boy, I am still working with healings on his feet, his shoes came off and that can be painful for some horses as they acclimatize to their natural state. I went to sleep while tuning into him asking for Christ White Light to work through me into him. I dreamt that hands easily felt their way through his side into his stomach and after checking, a kind of blockage was not supposed to be there took this thing out and then a green light appeared and I felt asked to push it through his intestines which I woke up doing and continued all day.

"Thanks, Kate! He does seem better- his aura is more full. He is more lively. He went outside in the snow for a while yesterday when there was no wind. He is limping a whole lot less. I am glad to know that he appreciates getting the rest." Mary

A few days later

“Diamond seems to be doing well. He is still tender but his aura is more full and he is more at peace. We had people over yesterday to help groom him. One was a friend of a friend who is brand new to horses. She sang to Diamond while working out a fresh tangle in his mane, and he really responded. He also really responded to having his tail brushed by me--something to which he was previously indifferent. Thank you very much for giving this service. Please let me know when you are giving the clinic you mentioned." Mary

Tess - possibly a bird attack


my mother and I rushed her to the vet where he did everything possible to help revive her. After that night we took Tess home and were told to call him in the morning to let Him know if she made it though the night. Thankfully she did and seemed to be doing better except for the fact that she could not control any part of her body. My sister introduced me to Kate the following day to see if she could help. We talked on the phone and I described everything I possibly could I was complete mess. She told Tess not to worry and also was a great help to me and my emotions by explaining that me crying around her (Tess) was not helping the situation and that Tess did not understand if she was doing something wrong at the time because I was so upset. Thankfully five days later she was showing improvement. Kate called again and we went through another process of talking to Tess and Kate helped her understand she was doing great and that everyone was very happy for her. To this day I am extremely grateful for Kate and the amazing ability that she has to help animals as well as humans in my case. Tess just turned 1 year old this November and has made a complete recovery and enjoys going everywhere with me."
Holly Sullins



Steps To Take To Find Your Lost Animal

Apart from working with me to increase your chances in finding your pet as soon as possible, there are some practical things you can do to find them a.s.a.p. I would advise you do not wait as time is of the essence. Get onto your local Craigslist and post a short message with photos and your number. Start the ad with the word REWARD. Pictures are essential, even old ones. Remember to add when and where they were last seen.


1. Use bright colored paper
2. Make it BIG at least 12" x 16"
3. Laminate it
4. Put REWARD in bold at the top, LOST CAT / DOG in bold at the bottom
5. Use color photo (s) that show the entire body of your dog
6. Include:

- Pet's name
- Coat color and length
- Distinct markings
- Was it wearing a collar?
- When and where animal was last seen
- Your phone number / e-mail
- How animal is likely to react to strangers

DO NOT include your name, address, or a specific reward amount.

Put the poster around the neighborhood, lampposts, T-junctions and by traffic lights or stop signs. Then at local veterinarian's offices, at the county animal control shelter and at local animal rescue shelters._If you live in a major city with a lot of restaurants nearby, provide each restaurant with the 'lost animal' sign. After all, the animal will find food wherever it is convenient.

If your animal is micro-chipped, contact the company (i.e., Avid) to ensure that they have your current information on file in case someone contacts them about finding your pet.

Visit the local county animal control shelter and local animal rescue shelters to see if your pet is among those at the shelters.

Place an ad in the local newspaper about the lost animal. Include the same information that you have on the 'lost animal' sign.

Check 'found' pet ads in the local newspaper and on local shelter web sites and Craigeslist or equivalent local sites.

Canvas a three-block radius around your neighborhood from your home and talk to your neighbors. Give them your lost pet's description.

Unless you see your pet, please do not call for them while you are searching your neighborhood. The reason for this is if they do happen to hear you they will come to where you called, however, you will be walking and searching for them so they will be coming to you after you’d already left, leaving them dis-heartened and perhaps more upset as you would be gone by the time they get to where you were when you called for them. Instead, when calling for them remain in ONE place, either call for them from the front yard or backyard of your home or, if you do look for them by car, look silently, do not call out unless you are home or in one spot for a very long period of time.

If your lost pet is a cat, set up a humane trap, pet taxi or crate in a safe area around the exterior of your home (upper deck or outside porch) at night and leave it out until morning. Put a bowl of fresh soft cat food and water in the enclosure to lure the cat into the enclosure. Also, include a towel, blanket or other familiar item in the enclosure. You may catch other animals as well, but you might also catch your own pet.

fIf you live in a neighborhood that has a homeowner's association, contact one of the board members and ask them to post your pet's information on the neighborhood web site and to send out an e-mail to everyone in the neighborhood asking that you be called if someone sees your pet.

Actively keep searching for your pet no matter how much time has elapsed. Lost animals can turn up weeks, and sometimes months or years after they've been lost._Here's a helpful web site:

Don't give up.

I can teach you to connect with them before you sleep (more likely to be in that alpha-waves state and easier to get through) and communicate something to your pet, even if you think you can't do it, you can.

"GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS become possible only when there is an awareness of Being. Coming from Being, you will perceive another person's body and mind as just a screen, behind which you can feel their true reality, as you feel yours." Eckhart Tolle