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Thanks to my mother, who runs The Ground Hornbill Conservation project in Mabula Game Reserve in South Africa. I am researching and becoming involved with wild animals in captivity.

Giraffes, Elephants, Horses, Lions, Whale, Deer, Parrots, and Fish!

ALL animals are welcome. I have even done a reading with an ant! Or rather an infestation of them. They were reluctant to leave someone’s home, but we worked it out, and they left.










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So how do animal readings work?

I will usually do two readings, maybe more. The first will last about half an hour, enough time to connect with your animal/s, hear your needs, answer any questions you may have for them and work to resolve what needs resolving. I then work with them afterwards by doing healing work on them or showing them ways to help them change certain behaviors, going over what was said to make sure they really are OK with it all and willing to comply.
I then check in with you a few days later, to see how things are going. I do a short reading with them and you to see if anything else may have come up for either them or you.


I teach you some basic animal communication techniques, during our readings, to help your pet through any transitions.

If you are willing to work at it a bit, we can work together to use your imagination and 'speak' to them in pictures, which will help keep the new behavior consistent.

"BECOME AN ALCHEMIST. Transmute base metal into gold, suffering into consciousness, disaster into enlightenment." Eckhart Tolle


Kates' Story

Originally from Britain now living in Austin Texas...

Born in England, we soon sailed for South America, where I lived for my first seven years. I remember the calls of the exotic birds, snorkeling with my father in the warm Caribbean sea, swimming with and touching the bright-colored fish. My mother had us exploring jungles, sleeping in hammocks, riding horses through rivers thick with piranhas, herding cattle! One of my first memories was running naked in the Amazon river on one of these expeditions. She wrote for National Geographic. I was often allowed to join them. Another strong memory was when I was about two years old. I remember being very high up and looking in awe as eagles flew above us. We were on the top of Mount Picu.

My parents and their friends would drive to the coast for the weekends where I'd be wrapped tightly into a hammock on arrival at night, only to wake up on a deserted beach ready to explore the animal life.

When we returned to Britain, it was ponies and any farm animal I could hang out with. I spent hours with animals. They soothed my soul, they were part of it somehow. It was not until I was about nine that I fell deeply in love with a small bullock. He lived in a large covered enclosure with hundreds of other heifers. When I would arrive, he'd recognize me and walk, usually trot over to greet me. He was a delight and I would talk in my mind to him.

Eventually, I would imagine him standing in a certain place in the enclosure after being driven there, as if I could will him wherever I wanted him to be. It was quite astounding the first time I did it. Suddenly, there he was, standing in that spot waiting for me. I was utterly blown away with the fact that they were not beasts with little brains or dull feelings. They were smart and intuitive--and able to communicate in a deeply intricate way that even most humans can't. My reverence for animals became real. I knew I was onto something and I would experiment daily with picturing something as a way of asking him to do things.

I did it with a friend’s chickens. We would both imagine the picture of what we wanted them to do and watch as the chickens quite often did what we were both imagining. My darling heifer was slaughtered, not something I had expected, and was it was so traumatic to me that I numbed out my ability to communicate. I did pick up things strongly when around horses, but I would not allow it in for fear of another broken heart. I never forgot the secret and later became a vegan for 15 years, avoiding leather in memory of this wonderful animal and his friends.

I now eat fish and bless it in my own way by honoring its form. I believe now that none of us truly dies, just our form. WE essentially are always alive and will never be gone. Animals have taught me this. Working in dog pounds, I would go in so scarred for them and sad, and they'd 'tell' me over and over that death was not their main concern. They wanted to find a human with whom they could share their special healing power-- loving, helping, healing us in some way. They choose us, according to their way of thinking. Their job to help us wake up and use our incredible minds, bodies and souls for an enlightened existence.

They hang out in BEING all their lives, something we need as most of us spend our time being 'floating heads' cut off and stressed out, thinking, thinking, thinking.

As humans I believe we will evolve beyond thought, above it, only dipping into the mind when needed. Animals dip in and out of thought living below it, trusting body language, intuition and telepathy to communicate. Thinking is a tool but it run our lives. Being out of thought brings us into the present moment, like animals, resting in the powerful existence of this moment.
When I moved to Austin nine years ago, I was told by a stranger I could read animals thoughts and I should start doing it again. I read one friends dog and got inundated by people just by word of mouth. It took off. Five years later I slowed down with my pregnancy, actually I found I wasn’t really hearing the animals as well but my communication with my unborn child was growing in this way, this ability came in use during his non verbal years. I was able to hear what he needed by feeling it empathically, both in and out of my tummy. _Talking with animals teaches me that Divine Intelligence exists. I can't do this and deny God. Now I am able to give healing to animals. I am directed on an intuitive level to follow light, and the results are real and humbling. I never forget that the pictures I see from the animals are a gift from the animal to me, and it is Divine Love that I trust in that helps me see them.

My goals are to help zoos and parks communicate with wild animals in captivity. To help people learn this way of communication and to connect people to their animals on a deeper level. I am writing my first book about this in September with a professional writer, and I continue to help others learn or re-remember this forgotten art.


My mother, son and I in Africa