pets pooping/spraying

Cats spraying/pooping out of their litters


Usually, this is there way of saying listen to me. If they are not yet house trained, then communicating to them how you'd like them to behave and combining it with house training will speed up the process. However, when a previously house-trained pet suddenly stops going where they should, then they are saying something important. Once I find out what it is, we can usually resolve this as in Mr. Love’s case, our wonderfully dressed cat here.

Mr. Love was pooping outside of his litter tray, and his owner was not enjoying this form of communication. He stopped after the first reading, but told me he'll be doing it again in a couple of weeks and sure enough he did. So my second reading brought up more needs to be met, and we worked through a lot. Needless to say, he is so amazing that he poops IN his litter to this day.


past history

Hearing their history/understanding them by knowing what happened/re-connecting after many years apart


I usually get given clear pictures of their life before being rescued, which helps the humans with some problems they may be experiencing. Some people have to leave their beloved pet and like Ruby in this picture are able to resolve leaving and explain why and work it out together through me.

A client had to leave her marriage and decided that since she had no idea where she would end up, it would be better for Ruby to stay with her husband, even though it broke her heart as she was/is an extremely loving doggie mama.

As soon as I tuned into Ruby, she spurted that J did the right thing, saying, "I was so proud of you to do right by yourself and he needed me. I am here in my life to love him and keep him happy. I loved you and you made my puppyhood so loving and gave me a really good start." She wanted to know if J was happy*(confusing) and J said very much so, and if she had another dog, and it pained J to say she did, but Ruby was so pleased for her. It was an amazing reading. I felt so much love for this incredibly wise soul, Ruby--so understanding and forgiving.


long distance healing

For injured animals/animals in obvious pain


I use or channel a white light, Christ light and let it energetically go through me to the animal. It is powerful.


too much barking/meowing

Usually caused by stress/trauma past or present and insecurity


I tune in and ask them why the need to bark/meow/neigh. In my experience, it is usually a need to be safe, sometimes just a give me attention please right now, cats will cry from hunger and will cry out for a lost mate or kitten or extreme distress caused by trauma. Dogs tend to over bark from anxiety, so they make themselves safer by sounding threatening. Horses like this guy in the photos, neigh to get his herd-mate back. Beaux the horse, could get himself into quite a state, as horses are herd animals and if there is only two of them when one is gone that's their whole herd gone, leaving them sometimes (usually if not an alpha) feeling alone and vulnerable so they call out (neigh) until their herd returns. I can help by helping them by tuning into the original trauma by finding out (by them showing me a picture) what the original trauma was and then we can work together to help over come it and let it go.



Is your pet depressed - over anxious?


So many things we can do here. Mainly, communication helps them so much. Nine times out of ten with depression just communication helps them perk up and then we can work on their needs. Anxiety manifests in many ways. Usually, getting to the root of the story relaxes the animal, and the behavior/acting out stops.





Aggression comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes when I do readings for animals with large amounts of testosterone it can seem unfair because it blocks their normal loving selves and can just take over. It's almost like I am communicating with them on a rough sea, neither of us can really hear the other and both treading water in order to be able to talk. Some have been previously treated this way. Commonly animals with early lack of integration will be aggressive this is harder to help but I can work with them and things can improve with owners help and love.


over/under eating

So many animals use food as comfort and humans use it to give 'love' to them


It's hard not to want to treat our animals especially if they are frantic about food. I find it is about getting to the trauma around food and also sometimes re-training the human to help them not to over eat. Under eating is trauma based usually and can be sorted out with empathy and healing.



Trauma lies at the root of so many behaviors


Without realizing we can traumatize ourselves with situations that seems silly to us now but as an infant or child it was not something we were able to shake off so it gets stored and later appears as neurosis. Wild animals can shake off most traumas, but we and some of our domesticated animals do not, and so that is where I can help. By connecting them with the original trauma and looking at it from a more mature perspective then letting it go, the behavior or neurosis that accompanied it is no longer needed and usually just slips away.

Jake found himself a very loving home. He had chosen loving humans who had aquired him first and learnt of his parvo after, they nursed him back to health. Illlness can often act as a trauma for domesticalated pets.


surgery before/after

help them prepare for surgery by letting them know/ask them to say where it hurts


They can tell us if they feel they need surgery, and if they do, we can prepare their bodies. I can feel empathetically where the pain is so that the surgery is done in the right spots. If unplanned surgery is required, I can tune into them even though they may be unconscious and help them recover with more ease. Sometimes they need to know why it hurts so much so that they won’t waste energy in fight or flight. Also, limbs that hurt may need to be used, meaning a leg that hurts must be excersied to get it strong and they may want to not use it so as to avoid the pain that causes, unless persuaded to like Tess here in the picture.


introducing new pets/human baby

new additions


The animals in your animal family like to be asked if they are ok with a new animal coming into the fold, they love to be considered, before a new arrival, seriously! If that didn't happen and they are not pleased, it might cause trouble. However, if we do ask after the new addition and we use empathy and understanding, they will get over the upset pretty easily and start to integrate.


losing your animal companion

when animals wind down their bodies and transition into spirit..

It is so painful to lose a beloved animal friend. We are given so much love. They heal our hearts by simply loving us no matter what. They know when we need kindness and come to us with it. Sometimes our relationships with animals run deeper then even our human friends. They can be so much safer emotionally and they certainly love us unconditionally. Then the time comes for their animal bodies to wind down and end.

It is an agonizing decision to take them to the vet to be given a painless end to it all. Please do not feel guilty here. Guilt actually separates your heart from them and they need you at this time to be in your heart and in a loving place. Remember that if they were very ill and in their wild environment, they would hide out under a bush or in a cave and eventually some predator would find them and they would die in that way. Nature’s way. When the time is right. Taking our animals to the vet to be injected is probably a much more peaceful, loving way for them to move on.

Ask yourself: In the wild, given my pet’s age and illness, would they survive long? Have they lived a long life or if still young, are they in so much pain that it's best to consider an end. Consult a pet psychic before doing anything, so that your animal can tell you via the animal communicator and help you come to terms with it. This is where I step in or any other person/professional you feel safe with during this time of letting go. They are not in their souls, frightened of death. I often find that generally, pets are only concerned that they have done their job in life, for their human, to the best of their ability. It’s a good time to express your gratitude or deal with unresolved issues, it can be a great time of resolution and healing.

I teach you how you can talk to them in your heart and in your voice, telling them how you feel and how much you love them, thanking them for the amazing job they have done, loving you and your family. They, I believe, are here to do their own specific job and it varies, but they take it seriously, and I find some animals hang onto life, not because they fear death, but because, as I’ve said, they think you are not able to handle it. They know death for what it is--just a move into the next place, shedding the old 'clothing' but essentially staying the same. They know on some level we are all spirit and spirit is love and home. They may be reluctant to go if you are desperate. They sometimes hang on in great pain concerned for you. It does help to know how they are feeling and be able to thank them and have a close loving good-bye.

If you hadn’t managed a resolving good-bye with your animal, for whatever reason, it can be resolved and you can say your goodbyes after they have passed on and they will respond as in the story with Jennies dog, who was able to show me what he looked like in life so Jennie knew it was actually him communicating.