Meditation Techniques

Any thing that helps you stop Doing and start Being...

Tich Nach Han - Walking Meditation Centered Prayer - Yoga - Nichren Diashonnin Buddhist Chanting -Contemplative Prayer

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you might be an animal communicator if

- around animals you feel life from their perspective
- you want to know more about how they communicate
- you’re a compassionate empathic person
- you attract animals to you for 'no' reason
- you can sense their thirst without seeing the empty bowl
- you sense that they are here to heal us
- you get empathic aches around an animal
- you listen and follow your 6th sense or intuition in life


become a better Animal Ccommunicator by

- meditating either walking, riding, grooming, sitting, praying
- know the reality of the formless, energy, love, spirit and work with it
- take the formless seriously despite our and our cultures addiction to form
- attempt to BE and learn from our teachers the animals how to STOP
- daily practice of STILLNESS learning it from our animals, trees, sky
- food, letting go of sugar, unblocks the psychic abilities
- eat consciously stop stuffing feelings with food
- eating organically helps a lot
- when eating meat or fish thank it, honor them
- honor plant or animal body by living your life like this,
tuning into love
- enjoy your life put YOU (the real you) first now!
- Spirit first internally, me first externally, now we are talking! Literally..




Workshop BEGINNER.......................................................$100

Workshop INTERMEDIATE...............................................$100

Workshop ADVANCED......................................................$130


Please Bring

water and lunch (no refined sugar please:)
wear something red
pen paper
picture of one of your animals (especially one you'd like to be helped)

three postcards in a sealed envelope

your copy of mutant message from down under

an open mind and full heart!


Quantum Physics

The whole animal communication process is backed up by Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics is the physics of possibilities. The universe is made up entirely of energy with innumerable possibilities. Every living thing is made up of atoms and cells, each of which forms a part of the one whole consciousness that is the universe. Each atom may appear to be a particle i.e. solid, or a wave ie. flowing.
When we communicate with animals, we use the flowing or wave like energy to join our consciousness with theirs. Our consciousness influences other beings around us. We each have an energy field which sends out radio-type waves at our own individual frequency. When we match our own frequency to another living being's, we can pick up their thoughts, memories, visual images and feelings, and they can pick up ours.



Me in the African bush 2009

Telepathic Tribe in Australia

Mutant Message From Down Under

'Very interesting book about the aborigine tribe of australia and their spiritual journey. It's been a good 6 years since reading this book but a few things I do remember...they were so pure in their essence they could telepathically communicate beyond thought and even leave their form and travel outside their body. They were so in tuned with the oneness of all that they knew in the middle of a dry desert precisely where a small water hole would be many feet below the surface and their tactics for survival were so compassionate and aligned that they were given all of the resources which they needed in abundance." Anon


Links I Love


Ground Hornbill Project my mothers baby

Steve Martin Animal Trainer using ONLY positive inforcement

Animal Services Organizations
Animal Rescue Click this link to help feed rescued animals. Free. Please click daily.

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association For a directory of holistic veterinarians;
Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
Vets who trained under Dr. Richard Pitcairn in homeopathic care and other natural health care information
American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, Inc.
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American Association of Housecall & Mobile Veterinarians
American Veterinary Dental College

Institute for Traditional Medicine Veterinarians who prescribe Chinese herbs
Animal Wellness Magazine devoted to natural & holistic health for animals.

Pet Poison Guide
24 hour Poison Control Hotline for animal guardians and veterinarians from Kansas State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This FREE service has been available since 1969. A veterinarian and professor in toxicology and pathology oversees the hotline. Have any product labels available. The vet might need to know milligrams and generic names.Call 785-532-5679

Petzlife Oral Care Products Clean your Pet's teeth the safe and healthy way, without anesthesia.

Animal Liberty Writings on the sacredness of animals. Charter of Animal Liberation.
Nature’s Corner™ Magazine for people who are passionate about their animal companions, animals in general, and Nature.
FOR KINDRED SPIRITS Radio Show is a new hour-long weekly series exploring the spiritual and emotional connections we have with animals and nature. The show is now available to all public radio stations through the Public Radio Exchange You can hear it on your local station simply by contacting the Program Director and requesting that they broadcast this beautiful program. For more information, contact producer Paul Messing at Produced by Paul Messing and hosted by Susan Chernak McElroy, speaker and author of the NY Times bestseller "Animals as Teachers and Healers," Kindred Spirits will feature a mix of hosted segments, produced stories, music, contributions from a wide range of authors and experts, messages from listeners, and profiles of animal sanctuaries.
We are currently developing the first few episodes, and need lots of phoned in messages about how animals and nature have affected your life. All calls are welcome...stories that are touching, happy, sad, and funny. Things you wonder, an animal behavior mystery, theories you have, remembrances of animal companions, what you find inspiring in nature, things you have learned from animals or nature, tributes to and stories about animal companions past or present, how you came to meet; how you parted ways. Any interesting animal "performance" (animal sounds, singing...) Call 812-333-8284. For technical quality, please do not use cell or cordless phones. Leave your name and a way to contact you in case we want to follow-up on your message.
Information is also available at where you can find out how to hear the show online. Anyone can sign up for a free PRX account to listen to the pilot show and write a review of it.
Open Source Science Annalisa Ventola; is a parapsychologist and the senior editor for Open Source Science. OSS facilitates the discussion and replication of controversial scientific experiments that may contribute to an improved understanding of consciousness. The research of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (a biologist and former fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University) on the phenomena of “dogs that know when their owners are coming home” suggests that dogs may have a link with their owners that is currently unexplained by science. We are looking for dogs who exhibit this behavior and dog owners who would be interested in participating. We assist curious dog owners in conducting self-tests of their dog's behavior at home. Contact Annalisa at
The world's largest network of animal protection societies with over 2,000 affiliates in more than 100 countries working to improve the status and welfare of animals.

Animal Wish List A Yahoo group created so animal guardians, rescuers, organizations, and concerned citizens can post messages about the items, supplies, transport, volunteer work, and/or funds they need help with in caring for animals. This list is for people who need help, and for those who can fulfill the need and/or provide assistance, hopefully matching them up.
HELP-A-PET is a nonprofit organization which provides financial assistance for the medical care of pets whose owners are unable to afford the expense. It is the only U.S. charity which offers preventative, curative, and emergency medical treatment of pets through the use of local veterinarians. EVERY PENNY donated is used to help pets. All payments are made directly to the veterinarian or medical supplier. Helping people help pets. To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals. Dedicated to insure that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged.
Good Sam Fund Special Assistance & Memorial Fund In honor of Sam, who represents the many canine and feline victims of human abuse and neglect, The Good Samaritan Pet Center has established the GOOD SAM FUND. This fund will be used to pay the medical expenses for foster animals and newly adopted animals who have previously undetected medical problems that may compromise the success of the adoption.
Animal Charities of America
Pet Prayer Flags Beautiful prayer flags to commemorate our connection with animal friends who have gone on.
Loss of Pets Ecards
Dog Tags & other Pet Tags Custom engraved for your beloved dog or cat
Custom Stained Glass & Custom Dog Collars See the stained glass window made of Penelope's former llama companions.
Earthfire Institute A non-profit organization dedicated to fostering appreciation of all living things fundamental to their preservation. A refuge for rescued wild animals of many species who act as a bridge to humankind to reconnect with the sacredness of the wild.
Pacific Primate Sanctuary, Inc. A nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and propagation of threatened, endangered, or distressed primates. Monkeys come from research labs, the pet trade, and some have been confiscated from smugglers by federal agencies. The Sanctuary is run by volunteers and relies on contributions from the public to continue its life saving work.
Juas and babies

The Elephant Sanctuary The nation's only natural-habitat refuge where sick, old, and needy elephants can walk the Earth in peace and dignity. The 800 acre sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee provides education about these endangered elephants.
The Budgie Research Group Scientific research documenting the extensive, intelligent, contextual speech of budgies (parakeets).
Defenders of Wildlife Wildlife updates and environmental network. An easy way to keep informed and support animal and environmental issues.
Earth Island Institute In-depth information on environmental protection. Island Wire Newsletter gives updated information on noise pollution in the oceans and the effects on marine mammals and all life and what you can do to help.
EcoWorld The Global Environmental Community Information about Earth's energy and food supply, species, ecosytems and projects to preserve them.
Earth Vision Spiritual ecology—exploring nature and soul
The Laurel Canyon Animal Company spent two years utilizing the talents of three animal communicators, an award winning author, an award winning composer, a female Indiana Jones, a world renowned scientist, some of the best musicians and vocalists in the world creating Music From the Pink Dolphins, a musical adventure directed and guided by the the Dolphins themselves.

Spiritual Growth It is always possible to discover more deeply what the force is, what the grace is, that moves your life. In fact, it is essential to acknowledge that, and to open to direct experience in the discovery of that. Then you have the actual choice of surrendering your thoughts and emotions, your habits and concepts, surrendering it all to the grace of the power that is calling you home. Gangaji
Ekhart Tolle
what I love to listen to enlightend chats with Eckhart Tolle
Prophetic Women - Wisdom Keepers of Earth

A Network for Grateful Living A worldwide community of gratefulness, including all of life on Earth. Inspiring thoughts for each day.
International Journal of Healing and Caring On line research in spiritual awareness and healing, intuition, personal development, wholistic therapies, creative arts as healing. Research on healing for animals - Religious & Spiritual Portal
Steps To Enlightenment A book written by Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber who together co-host Mastering Ourselves Radio which airs 6 days a week and is dedicated to spiritual growth. Prepare to delight in the helpfulness of this wonderfully well-written, practical, and thorough guide through the pitfalls on the spiritual journey. The real-life examples give exquisite clarity to the pointers on how to progress to self-mastery on our true soul path. Penelope Smith
Kate McGovern, the Sedona Psychic Psychic and Spiritual Counselor of Sedona, Arizona
Sakkara Temple of Awakening® with Anamika Spiritual teachings, energy transmissions, and guidance in this time of great planetary awakening, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life. Audio introduction.
Species Link Journal-- The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication
Daily Word - Daily Reminders of the Renewing Power of Spirit Within
The Whole Dog Journal - A Monthly Guide to Natural Dog Care and Training

More Wonderful Books:Animals in Spirit: Our Faithful Companions' Transition to the Afterlife by Penelope Smith

Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews

Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

Animal Talk by Penelope Smith

Happy Cat, Happy You: Quick Tips for Building a Bond with Your Feline Friend by Arden Moore

Happy Dog, Happy You: Quick Tips for Building a Bond with Your Furry Friend by Arden Moore

Pets Tell the Truth: A Mystical Journey Into the Animal Mind by Agnes Julia Thomas, Ph.D.

Reflections of the Heart: What Our Animal Companions Tell Us by Deborah DeMoss Smith

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals: Finding Comfort After Losing Your Pet by Allen and Linda Anderson

Love this book and it's auther:
An English Psychic in Hollywood by Lucinda Clare
(my best friend!)